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Another Star with Multiple Earth-Sized Planets

Using telescopes in Hawaii and Chile, scientists have that the star Tau Ceti (12 light-years from Earth) and is orbited by four "super-Earths." The smallest of these newly found planets is almost twice the size of Earth. Two of the planets are thought to be in the...

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The Passing of Prof. Lotfi Zadeh, Creator of Fuzzy Logic

I learned today that Prof. Lotfi Zadeh has passed away. I had the great pleasure of many interactions with Lotfi, each with extreme kindness and encouragement. Many people were present at the birth of neural networks, and at the birth of evolutionary computation, but Lotfi was really the single first creative force of fuzzy logic. He’d say there was multi-valued logic before he had the idea for fuzzy membership but that would be a typical act of deference. I last saw Lotfi in Hong Kong in 2008 at the 2008 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence while I was president of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. His soft-spoken strength was one of the many things I remember.
For those who might not know of Lotfi or of fuzzy sets, the concept is that things can be a member of a set with a degree of membership. So rather than 1 = you are a member of this set and 0 = you are not a member of this set, you can have membership between 0 and 1. And it turns out that there’s a lot of interesting math you can do with this concept and it’s very valuable in control applications, clustering, pattern recognition, and other artificial intelligence tasks.
True to this concept, Lotfi’s membership in the set of people who’ve passed away is higher now …. but not 1.0 as his work and memory live on with me and many others.

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New Category for EffectCheck Analysis: Commencement Speeches

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve added a new category to EffectCheck: Commencement speeches. EffectCheck is the patented lexical sentiment analysis tool that allows you to assess the prospective emotional impact of your communications and adjust wording for different effects. For more information, see (August 10, 2017)

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Fooling Machine Learning Algorithms

Changes to common roadside patterns, such as a stop sign, that would never fool a human driver can be problematic for a machine learning algorithm. Read more here. (Aug 4, 2017)

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