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David Fogel Interviewed for Risk Roundup on Topic of Computational Intelligence

Dr. David Fogel was interviewed by Dr. Jayshree Pandya, founder of the Risk Group and host of Risk Roundup, a cyber-security & strategic security webcast/podcast. David spoke about various avenues for pursuing computational intelligence and the implications for future advancement in improving business operations, clinical research, and predictive analytics, among other topics. (April 23, 2017)

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Disease-Associated Genes Routinely Missed in Some Genetic Studies

Whole-exome sequencing studies identify genes associated with disease but new research shows that whole-exome sequencing may miss mutations associated with disease-causing genes (diseases such as leukemia, psoriasis, and heart failure) when these genes occur in genetic regions that are read infrequently. This highlights the importance of examining all DNA base pairs and not just in regions that code for genes. (April 21, 2017)

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New Doctoral Dissertation Studies the Ability to Detect Antisocial Behavior through NLP and Emotional Analysis

Myriam Munezero has published online the dissertation “Leveraging Emotion and Word-based Features for Antisocial Behavior Detection in User-Generated Content,” (Joensuu: University of Eastern Finland, 2017). The dissertation indicates that natural language processing methods combined with sentiment analysis can be useful in detecting anti-social behavior (ASB). Among the conclusions “It has been shown that ASBT contain a higher amount of swear words, profanity, insults, and violence-related words. ASBT contain both negative and positive emotions, though they contain more negative emotions, including anger. In addition, the high use of 2nd-person singular pronouns indicates that the target of ASB is someone other than the author. Further analysis could reveal the identity of targets. An improved understanding of the characteristics of ASB will also lead to improved intervention measures.”

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New Space Station Crew Arrives Safely

NASA astronaut Jack Fischer and cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin took off in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft at 3:13 a.m. EDT today and arrived safely at the International Space Station 6 hours later. (April 20, 2017)

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EffectCheck(R) Case Study of Oscar Munoz’ Letter to United Team

On April 11, 2017, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz offered an apology letter to the United “Team” (posted publicly on Facebook). Using EffectCheck, I analyzed the emotions evoked in the letter and have posted a case study of suggested improvements to the letter. The case study is also found at: (April 19, 2017)

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Cassini Finds Molecular Hydrogen in the Enceladus Plume

From the abstract: “Saturn’s moon Enceladus has an ice-covered ocean; a plume of material erupts from cracks in the ice. The plume contains chemical signatures of water-rock interaction between the ocean and a rocky core.” Molecular hydrogen has been detected venting in the plume. On Earth, life survives at hydrothermal vents and it is suggestive that life may exist on Enceladus (and possibly on other moons). (April 13, 2017)

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