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Breast Cancer Cells Recycle Ammonia

Harvard Medical School researchers have now documented that breast cancer cells recycle their own ammonia waste, a product of metabolism, to fuel their own growth. This suggests potential new avenues to slowing tumor growth by limiting ammonia metabolism. (Oct. 19,...

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Alien Megastructure Ruled Out for Dimming of Tabby’s Star

Astronomers are discounting the possibility that dimming of Tabby's star is due to an alien megastructure. The dimming has been noticed as being more pronounced in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum than in the infrared (IR) spectrum. This runs counter to the expected...

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Chimps Learn to Use Tools, Unprompted

Researchers at University of Birmingham (UK) and University of Tübingen (Germany) have observed chimpanzees using tools to solve a problem without being shown how to use the tool first. (Sep 28, 2017)

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Teaching a Machine to Use Nunchucks

It's not a black belt, or even a brown belt, yet, but still this video of a robot learning to swing a nunchuck is interesting for what it portends. (Sep 25, 2017)

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