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New Drug Reduces Huntington’s Disease Protein

The first in-human trial of a drug to lower the level of protein that causes Huntington's disease has concluded. The results of studying the drug's effects on 46 patients are successful, as reported by researchers at the University College London, and the drug was...

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Neural Networks for Repairing Digital Images

Researchers from University of Maryland and University of Bern have created neural networks that can improve the quality of imagery, addressing problems such as blurriness, grainy noise, missing pixels and color corruption. (Dec 9, 2017)

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3D Printing with Living Ink

Bacterial cellulose has many nice properties that would be useful for three-dimensional shaping, but could you use it as "ink" for a 3D printer? Materials scientists at ETH Zurich have figured out how add materials to a living bacterial mix that can be pushed through...

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Learning How Crows Make Tools

Researchers at the the University of St Andrews have studied New Caledonian crows and learned how they make hooked sticks, useful for getting prey out of tiny crevices. The only species known to make hooks are these crows and humans. By the way, the oldest fish hooks...

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Dogs have more Cortical Neurons than Cats

Scientists from Vanderbilt University have now shown that "As far as dogs and cats go, [..] dogs have about 530 million cortical neurons while cats have about 250 million. (That compares to 16 billion in the human brain.)" This implies that dogs can create a much more...

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The New Duck-Faced Dinosaur

Paleontologists have discovered fossils from a new dinosaur that stood about 18 inches and lived more than 70 million years ago (before the K-T extinction). It's called Halszkaraptor escuilliei. For a potential view of what this creature looked like, click the story....

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