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Yes, Scott Kelley and Mark Kelley are Still Identical Twins

Much was made of statements that 7% of Scott Kelley’s genetics had changed in space, or had not reverted after his return to Earth. As happens commonly, we can chalk up much of the hysteria to “fake science news.” To quote NASA: “The change related to only 7 percent of the gene expression that changed during spaceflight that had not returned to preflight [levels] after six months on Earth,” NASA officials wrote. “This change of gene expression is very minimal.” “Mark and Scott Kelly are still identical twins; Scott’s DNA did not fundamentally change.” (Mar 16, 2018)

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Fifteen New Planets, including a Super Earth

Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences has confirmed 15 new planets orbiting red dwarfs, including at least one "super Earth" that may be in the habitable zone. (Mar 12, 2018)

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Inserting Old Genes into New Bacteria

Researchers from the University of Arizona are inserting old genes into E. coli and then observing how the genes evolve, essentially doing an instant replay on evolution to see how consistent the evolutionary path is. (Mar 15, 2018)

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Sentient Technologies Offers New Demos in Evolutionary Computation and Other AI

My colleague and friend Dr. Risto Miikkulainen of Sentient Technologies, let me know that Sentient now has several new demos in evolutionary computation (and other AI algoriths) available at their website. Risto is a pioneer in combining evolutionary computation with neural networks and I encourage you to have a look at their site. (Mar 14, 2018)

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Color Butler 2018 Launches in the iPhone App Store

Today’s an important day for one of our projects. A little over a year ago, Dr. Bob Penner met with us at Natural Selection, Inc. and asked if we could help with an app that would assist him in figuring out which of his clothes go together. You see, he’s color blind. He can tell you some very funny stories that have resulted from his “color deficiency.” So with machine learning to determine how to label colors, expert rules on how colors go together based on different types of clothing, and an expert app programmer, today the Color Butler 2018 app has launched in the iPhone app store. It’s free so go download the app and check it out. Color blindness affects about 1 in 12 males (you might think higher!) and so it’s likely there’s someone you know who’d benefit from this app.

And, as a little side story, today is the first day that my music is published on the app store, and with me performing. I composed the theme song to the app, called Colors of Life. It plays during the tutorial. (You can turn it off if you like, but I’d rather you turn it up and enjoy it.) The track that is playing has me on all parts, including my dad’s old tenor sax. We do have a nicer recording with Jim Weiss recorded at Peter Sprague’s studio that we’ll be swapping in soon. But for now, you can listen to me… and I hope you do and I hope you enjoy it. We’ll have it on iTunes in the future in case you’d like to have your own copy.

Oh, and you can also watch for more info at

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