Passenger-carrying drone to fly in Dubai

A drone large enough to carry a person was displayed at the Las Vegas CES in January 2016. Now Dubai is considering using the Chinese-made EHang 184 drone for commercial passenger transport within the city. (February 14, 2017)

Number of species depends how you count them

Understanding the potential for a sixth mass extinction requires understanding how many species are presently extant. This new report indicates that the if genetic analysis is used alone for differentiating species that the estimated number of species is “five to 13 times as many…as actually exist.” (February 8, 2017)

CSIRO hails “revolutionary” energy efficiency technology with WA start-up

Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has licensed a new electricity metering system from Ecocentric Energy of Fremantle (near Perth). Machine learning is used to assess power consumption across appliances, with implications for predicting failure and performance maintenance before things break down....

Oracle’s new America’s Cup yacht flies on Airbus technology

Airbus joins the Oracle Team USA to advance performance on the America’s Cup sailboat. The sail can now be articulated and offers much less drag while being capable for producing more force. The sailboat also incorporates MEMS technology. (February 14, 2017)

Comet 45P Returns to Dark Skies

Comet 45P/H-M-P is visible at about 10 pm (local). Check the link for a map of the comet’s path across the sky through early March. (February 14, 2017)