Osiris-REx Arrives at Asteroid Bennu

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived at asteroid Bennu today. The asteroid is 800-ft wide and will be studied for over a year in orbit, before the craft lands, gathers samples, and returns to Earth. (Dec. 3, 2018)

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DNA Analysis Points to Development of Specific Drugs

Researchers at Stanford have examined the DNA of approximately 300,000 veterans. Specific genetic mutations were found to be informative on cholesterol profiles, and are expected to be helpful in designing specific new drugs for cardio and metabolic disease. (Oct 1,...

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New Giant Dinosaur Found in South Africa

International researchers have uncovered a new, giant, dinosaur species in South Africa. It lived about 200 million years ago, ate plants, and weighed more than 24,000 pounds. (Sep 27, 2018)

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